About the ASSLH

In 1961, the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History was established with the goal of studying “the working class situation… and social history in its broadest sense.” The Society’s mission is to promote not only labour history teaching and research but also the preservation of working-class and labour-movement records. At a time when prominent conservative intellectuals are attacking history, it wants to make it a vital part of popular consciousness, a topic for reflection and debate.

The ASSLH membership includes labour activists, community historians, teachers, and scholars from a variety of fields. It also maintains close ties with the international labour historians community.

The ACT, Brisbane, Sydney, Illawarra, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth all have branches of the Society. Labour history and research, as well as heritage preservation, are among the branches’ responsibilities. They produce newsletters, hold regular talks, and hold special events, all of which are usually in collaboration with the labour movement. The trade union movement is a strong supporter of the Society and its branches.

It hosts a national conference every two years that draws hundreds of people. In 2009, the next one will be held in Perth.