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The Brisbane Labour History Association is the Brisbane branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History.  The BLHA was formed in 1990 to encourage and promote the study, teaching, research and publication of labour history and the preservation of labour archives. There are no limits on the study of labour history and the diverse membership reflects many different areas of concern.

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Brisbane General Strike meeting – rally at Trades Hall 1912

Craig Buckley (Secretary)
Brisbane Labour History Association
PO Box 5299, West End, Qld 4101
Mobile: 0418 197 205. Email:

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Latest News:

Symposium with young labour historians
Saturday 1st August, 2015
Brisbane Workers Community Centre
2 Latrobe Tce, Bardon                   1:pm – 5:pm

2015 Young Labour Historians symposium










Recent Events

Alex McDonald Lecture
Thursday 7th May, 2015
Roger Scott
Mobilising Dissidence: The relationship between Labour, Labor and the wider community in the 2015 State
Alex Macdonald Lecture 2015





Guided Walking tour –
Labour History in Toowong Cemetery26 October, 2014
Tour + Morning tea
2014-10-26 11.19.11







Annual Alex Macdonald Lecture:                          
Alex Macdonald Lecture 2014 email flyer






“Home Front WW2: Myth and Realities”
Dr Rowan Cahill
Tuesday 20th May  5:30pm for 6:00pm
TLC Building , 16 Peel St., South Brisbane
Beginning with recent attempts by conservative interests to depict some Australian trade unions as acting in ‘treasonous’ ways during WW2 aimed at wrecking/sabotaging the war effort, this lecture will variously examine the claims, the use of consensus history as the base for conservative politics, and the myth of the social solidarity of Australian society 1939-1945.
Download Flyer – Alex Macdonald Lecture 2014


2014 October Symposium
The Labour Movement during Wartime
The BLHA has planned an October symposium dealing with the Queensland labour movement’s activism, challenges and selected disputes under conservative governments.

 The symposium is to be held in Brisbane on Saturday, October 25, 2014.  Venue and starting time will be confirmed closer to the date.  At this stage, it is intended that the symposium will be a half-day event, but we may consider a longer event depending on the number of proposals for papers that we receive. 

Recent attacks by conservative politicians and writers have sought to denigrate the role of trade unions during the Second World War as “treasonous.”  In response, the BLHA resolved that its annual Alex Macdonald Memorial Lecture (held in May) would this year deal with the role of trade unions and unionists on the home front during that conflict. 

 Motivated in part by these attacks, and anticipating increased interest in such topics as we approach the centenaries of the First World War (2014) and the Gallipoli landings (2015), the BLHA has also decided to look more generally at the subject of the impact of wartime on workers and their organisations.  The symposium is not intended to be limited to any particular conflict or subject, and so embraces a very diverse scope:  from industrial conflict on the home front, to the conscription referenda, involvement in various anti-war/peace movement activities, changing gender roles and its effect upon the workplace, changing political alliances, amongst many others. 

 BLHA is therefore calling for papers which examine some aspect of the experience of the labour movement during wartime.  As always BLHA is keen to hear from union activists and other individuals who can recount some direct involvement in events or participate in a panel or broader symposium discussions.

 If you have a paper, or talk to present, or can provide any input please contact Dr Greg Mallory (0407692377, or Craig Buckley (0418197205, 

 Closing date for submissions: 3pm, Friday, 27 June 2014.  BLHA will reserve the right to set and finalise the symposium programme and will consider the format and other administrative arrangements upon receipt of information from interested participants.

 Members are encouraged to circulate this to whomever you think might be interested in submitting a paper.


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